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Vaccinations and Medications

Keeping your pet healthy will save you $$$$!

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.

Boarding Requiements


(Please see our fees for administring Medications)

The documented vaccinations (from your Vetrenarian) are required for your pet to be boarded here for safety reasons are as follows:

1. Rabies 1Yr. or 3 Yr.


3. Bordatella (kennel cough)

4. Heartworm (HW) negative- on HW preventative

5.Flea preventative (frontline,advantage,bio spot, etc.)

We adminster medications (for a fee) labeled with specific instructions.

AHomeAway fees for administrating your pet's medications are as follows:

Medication administration Price for administring How often a pet needs item
Medication from your Vet. $1.00 per pill while boarded As needed
Administering flea meds $1.00 per treatment -with appointment Once every month
No-shed treatment $10.00 per treatment with an average coat type - with appointment Once every month
Flea Dip or flea bath only $35.00 - with appointment Once every month
Administering heartworm meds. Free when boarded Once every month

All pets are must be vaccinated according to our contract requirements. A leash must be on the pet at all times until placed in or released from the care of AHomeAway. It is also required that the animals prescribed medication be brought with the dog with specific instructions affixed on them or printed on paper. The veteranarian's Rx documentation will be best to bring. This will allow us to know exactly what the Veteranarian requires.

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