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Other Information

This is a general board of information and advertising from our partners. Almost anyone can add a thought by sending us an email. Please tell you are business owner or a pet owner (not business owner), or both, and why we should promote your information or product and we will keep all reasonable offers in consideration.

You can post your lost dog photos in our blogging area which is under construction.

This also is where AHomeAway places any helpful info that doesn't quite fit into the articles and Information category or any other category on our site.

All pets are must be vaccinated according to our contract requirements. We also require each owner to bring one leash and one collar if you are bringing a dog. We require that your leash and collar are on the dog at all times until placed in or released from the care of AHomeAway. It is also required that the animals prescribed medication be brought with the dog with spacific instructions affixed on them or printed on paper. The veteranarian's Rx documentation will be best to bring. This will allow us to know exactly what the Veteranarian requires.

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