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Hours & Rates

AHomeAway's hours are:

check in times - 8 am- 10:00 am and 8 pm-9 pm

pick-ups 10:00 am and 7:30 pm

All times by appointment only.

Other arrangements must be made in advance.

We require check out by noon or you will be charged for another day.


Our Rates are as follows:

Dogs per day
$14.00 & $16.00 for giant breeds
two dogs sharing the same kennel
walking on leash outside
$5.00 for 15 min.
Cats per day
two cats sharing a condo
$12.00 daily

All pets are must be vaccinated according to our contract requirements. We require that your leash and collar are on the dog at all times until placed in or released from the care of AHomeAway.

It is also required that the animals prescribed medication be brought with the dog with spacific instructions affixed on them or printed on paper. The veteranarian's Rx documentation will be best to bring. This will allow us to know exactly what the Veteranarian requires.

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