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Dog Training

99 % of the animals relinquished to shelters,are relinquished because of behavior problems. That is why we feel obedience training is so very important.

All dogs/puppies must be at least 10weeks of age and have at least 2-two sets of vaccinations given by a veterinarian. This includes DHLPPC or DHLP or DAPPC, Bordatella(kennel cough-2sets),and Rabies if 5mos. or older.Proof of up to date vaccinations will be required.

AHomeAway,offers several kinds and stages of pet training.Each class is 1 hour to 1&1/2 hour long once a week.

1.Puppy manners~5mos.and under -covers potty training,getting your pets attention and keeping it,sit,down,walking on leash without pulling.6 weeks @ $65.00

2.Basic obedience~ 6mos.and over,futher extends sit and down stays, take it and leave it, walking on leash without pulling,working with distractions.Discussions on nutrition and grooming basics.8wk.@ $99.00

3.Advanced training~ all the above with longer durations and more distractions,long distance downs, heeling with and withour leash, a trick or two, stays withour pet parent present.Overcoming obstacles with beginning agility. 8 wks.@ $99.00

4.In home training and behavior assessments, according to pet parents' desires and dog's needs. Prices are as follows:

  • Trip charge (gas) is $20.00 within a 20 mile area.
  • Per hour training lesson is$20.00 and each lesson is one hour long. Number of lessons needed depends on dogs needs and pet parents expectations of where they want their dog to be.

You must be at least 16 years of age or with a parent to participate. All family members are encouraged to work together and attend classes.You will need a regular 4ft.or 6ft.leash for training, and small soft or quick to eat bites of treats.(doggie treats, hot dogs, cheese, liver, cherrios, cheese crackers... whatever is special to your dog and keeps him motivated!

All pets are must be vaccinated according to our contract requirements. We also require each owner to bring one leash and one collar if you are bringing a dog. We require that your leash and collar are on the dog at all times until placed or released from the care of AHomeAway.

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