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Rest assured while you are away on business or pleasure, your pet(s) safety and comfort will be our #1 concern! Our kennels are climate control with indoor nine 5x5x6 block walls for privacy and 5x10x6 outdoor runs with a 5 ft. overhang for shade and protection from the weather. Of course they may go in or out at will. The outdoor runs are divided by welded wire where the dogs can visit one another but cannot get to the other. For those who are only inside the majority of time, we have four all indoor, 5x5x6 kennels and outdoor walks will be provide for potty time. Kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily inside and out, along with dishes and bedding. If your pet is notorious for destroying beds... please bring your own otherwise you will be charged an extra $17.00 for a replacement. Diamond Premium is what we feed, but if you want your pet to stay on the same diet as at home, than please bring your own food. Toys, blankets items from home are welcome to help the pet to be more comfortable. Nutritious treats are given twice daily unless otherwise stated. All pets are given a playtime daily, sometimes with other friendly pets but are always supervised by a staff member. Soothing music plays all night and day for their ease.


AHomeAway, is equipped mainly for the boarding of cats and dogs, but we will consider boarding or caretaking of any other pets you may need us for. Birds, Iguanas, Ferrets, Rabbits, Snakes, whatever needs us. We also provide over nite boarding or weekend boarding for those traveling thru our state (summer & fall only) with their horse. Owners must provide proof of negitive coggins testing and vaccinations. A stall and or pasture is provided for $50.00 a night. We realize while traveling you sometimes do not know where you may end up stopping for the night so.... just give us a call (1-765-565-1502 or 317-691-9019) and we will see if we can supply your needs.

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